Diversity and Inclusivity by Design: Creative Citizens of Europe What is enabled when designers design with, and for others?


                                                                        International Exhibition

Curated by Dr Anastasios Maragiannis

Supported by ECOLUXE



March 7th 2019

SERAFIO  Exhibition Centre

MATCH Project in Greece & Erasmus + Conference 


The d+iD Research Hub based at the university of Greenwich, London presents the innovative designs created by world-renowned designers and curated by Dr Anastasios Maragiannis, Deputy Head of school of Design and Director of the d+iD Research.

The exhibition explores how designers empower individuals in a variety of contexts to improve our way of living in the world. An example of such works is ‘Interactive Read[ability’ research project that showcase the The gradual shift from print to portable screen based technology and how has impacted our daily communication. The transition from print to portable screen based devices, from material to virtual space, and from the textual to the visual has inevitably altered our sight vision, and overall us — the people — as readers and as designers. As a result, it changes the landscape and conceptualization of reading practices, redefining the communication process with a focus on our impair visibility.

Our selection of work demonstrates design thinking through multidisciplinary approaches that positively impact our social and interdisciplinary landscapes. These works focus on design as a holistic action with the capacity to simultaneously engage conceptual and practical shifts that make our society a place with no boundaries.

To design inclusively is to engage people deeply throughout the design process, to share our practices and to amalgamate people’s unique knowledge into design interventions, where design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language and age.